About us

China Great Lakes Innovation

Cleveland and the Northeast Ohio Region has been a hub of US trade. Once home to John D. Rockefeller and family, this area is a landmark of US innovation, ingenuity and industrial prowess. During recent eras, Cleveland has been severely affected by pollution, a weakening of the US economy, and a slow housing market. However, the entrepreneurial spirit of Clevelanders has never been stronger. Today, Cleveland is home to 60 publicly-traded companies in a variety of industries including technology, biomedical, distribution, banking, and more.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a bridge of understanding between Chinese investors, businessman, and professionals with their US counterparts. We seek to inform and educate them about the benefits of doing business in Northeast Ohio and help facilitate their dealings. At the same time, we will educate local businessman about Chinese culture and the rewards of doing business with Chinese investors. Our vision is to foster a era of development, growth and prosperity for Cleveland and its surroundings.